Backcountry Exploration Program

outdoor ed class

To encourage use of the hut system by non-profit educational groups, the Backcountry Exploration Program assists non-profits financially, and offers guidance in the planning and facilitation of educational hut trips. Schools, churches, youth organizations, and senior citizen groups are just a few of the organizations that can participate. Read the following information to determine if a hut trip would be a fun, rewarding, and productive experience for your group. Next, complete and return the Discovery Questionnaire for trip leaders.

If you would like to do a Reconnaissance Trip to a hut to check it out for future use with an educational group, a discounted rate may be available for you and a guest, or a 10th Mountain staff member may be able to accompany you on a day trip to the hut of your choice. If you need assistance in planning a trip for your educational non-profit, we have staff members, volunteers and other educators who use the huts frequently who can Mentor you, free of charge, through the hut trip process.

10th Mountain is also pleased to offer the Alpine Resource Center at the Sangree M. Froelicher Hut for non-profit educational groups. The Alpine Resource Center is a unique 600 square foot area with its own heat stove, additional sleeping for 10 (total capacity of 26), and a comfortable reading, study, and seminar area on the lower level of the hut. The Center will provide non-profit groups a unique educational setting. There are over 300 books and various other educational resources provided, encouraging the exploration of topics including mountain ecology, mining history, astronomy, land stewardship, and history of the 10th Mountain troops.