Reservations Lottery

Winter reservations for huts in the 10th Mountain system begin in the spring each year, through a lottery followed by a call-in booking period. 10th Mountain, Summit Huts Association and Grand Huts Association members are welcome to participate in this early booking system. This process is an attempt to fairly allocate the limited winter hut space available in the huts each year. Membership dues go to support 10th Mountain education programs, as well as supplying and maintaining the huts. You can follow the links below to fill out an online lottery form or print out a paper one. We are no longer mailing out paper forms unless you request them!

The 2014 Reservations Lottery is now closed. We are no longer accepting lottery forms.

Dates reservations open for the huts:

Skiers atop Mt. Yeckel

How does the lottery work? In late-December or early-January each year, lottery entry forms will be able on our website or via mail by request for all members. We are no longer mailing out paper forms unless you request them. Members complete these forms by listing an unlimited number of options for trips that they would be interested in taking during the next winter. Every member is welcome to submit one lottery entry to receive up to one itinerary (this can be for a multiple night trip, to more than one hut, and/or for multiple people). Forms must be completed and returned to 10th Mountain by Februrary 13th, 2014.

Starting on March 1st, 10th Mountain begins drawing entry forms. We draw each and every form and read through each member's choices, working in order of their preference to try and book a trip. If one of the member's choices is available, we book that trip, charge their credit card for the trip cost, and mail out confirmation materials the next day. Each year we receive more than 1,000 entries and about 87% of entrants receive a trip.

After the lottery, members have the option to book more trips during an early call-in booking period during the months of April and May. Regular ($35) members can reserve up to two additional trips by calling on or after the first business day of April (or three, if they did not receive a trip in the lottery). Leader ($100) and Lifetime ($1000) members can reserve an unlimited number of additional trips. Non-members can begin reserving trips on the first business day of June.

Tips for getting a Lottery Trip

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