Grand Huts Association Hut System

It started with the A-frame at Second Creek.....The Second Creek Hut, in the Second Creek Basin on the west side of Berthoud Pass, Colorado is one of the finest high altitude skiing and hiking locales in the state. Ease of access and relative safety from avalanches make for excellent backcountry recreation opportunities. Also known as the "Gwen Andrews Hut" and "The A-Frame," the Second Creek Cabin had been used by the public for the past 40 years. Many people have fond memories of their trips to Second Creek. The Arapaho Forest Master Plan recognized the hut and the recreation use it served. However, concerns about management and safety forced the U.S. Forest Service to close the hut to public use. In order to ensure continuing use of this amenity, GHA formed the group and made the Broome Hut their first project.

The Broome Hut replaced the old Second Creek Cabin near the top of Berthoud Pass. Grand Huts Association worked to perfect a design for the structure that is comfortable for its human visitors and a good neighbor to its wild environment. The key was to make this hut as environmentally sound as possible. Focus areas were: minimal impact on the environment, modern solar powered technology, and heating/water conservation.

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