The Polar Star Inn

Polar Star Inn

Polar Star Inn is a privately owned backcountry lodge, booked by 10th Mountain. (Another nearby structure, Carl's Cabin, is part of Polar Star but booked separately). Polar Star Inn is a tall-standing structure with a big deck that looks west over the Colorado Plateau: a sunset watcher's paradise. There are five private bedrooms and running water (summer only) that makes kitchen work a snap. The Inn was built in 1987.

Layout and capacity: Downstairs: 1 bedroom with single bunk bed Upstairs: several semi-private bedrooms and a communal sleeping area. Capacity 17.

Additional Amenities:The Polar Star Inn has running water from a spring-fed cistern during the summer and there is a propane grill out on the deck.

Hut Location: Polar Star Inn and Carl's Cabin are located near each other, just below timberline at 11,040' on the west side of New York Mountain, in central Colorado. [locator map]

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Dates Open: Summer: 1 July through 30 September. Winter: Thanksgiving through 30 April

Owned By: Privately owned Oven: Woodburning and propane Sauna: No

The normal route into the Polar Star Inn follows the Fulford Road in from Yeoman Park. You can also take the Newcomer Spring Trail to the hut as well. Route finding can be tricky on either trail due to old abandoned roads and jeep trails so keep your map and compass handy and watch for the blue diamonds marking the trails.

*Please Note: The Fulford Road is closed seasonally from Nov 23rd until May 20th every year at the Yeoman Park trailhead. Wheeled vehicles are strictly prohibited past Yeoman Park during this time regardless of snow levels or road condition. Please obey all posted signs regarding road closures and restrictions.

The other route in to Polar Star leaves from West Lake Creek south of Edwards but this route is seldom traveled and passes through a wilderness area so we are limited in how we can mark the route. This trail is also longer and gains more elevation than the routes from Yeoman Park so it is best attempted by experienced backcountry travelers.

Winter Trail Access

  • Trailhead: Yeoman Park, Elevation: 9,060' Route: Via Fulford Road, Total Mileage: 6.3
  • Trailhead: Yeoman Park, Elevation: 9,060' Route: Via Newcomer Spring Trail, Total Mileage: 5.8
  • *Trailhead: West Lake Creek, Elevation: 8,220' Total Mileage: 7
  • *Please Note: This trail passes through wilderness areas where we are unable to mark the trail with blue diamonds. This, along with the fact that this route is seldom traveled, can make for very difficult route finding and is not a trail we recommend for inexperienced or first time hut-users.

  • Trailhead: Peter Estin Hut, Elevation: 11,200', Via Ironedge Trail and Newcomer Spring TrailTotal Mileage: 8.2

During the summer the most common acces to Polar Star is driving up the Fulford Road to the summer closure gate approximately 1/4 mile from the hut. Hiking in from West Lake Creek is also possible during the summer but route finding challenges still exist on this lightly traveled trail. Vehicle access is never guaranteed to any hut at any time.

For hiking at Polar Star Inn you can head up to the top of New York Peak from the hut or pick up the Nolan Lakes trail for a beautiful hike into a high alpine basin.

Click here for summer water source information

Summer Trail Access

  • Trailhead: Yeoman Park, Elevation: 9,060' Route: F.S. road 418 to the hut, Total Mileage: 9.1
  • Trailhead: West Lake Creek Elevation: 8,220' Route: F.S. road 423, F.S. Trail 1876 and then FS 418 to the hut Total Mileage: 6.1
  • Trailhead: Peter Estin Hut, Elevation: 11,200' Route: F.S. roads 416, F.S. road 418 to the hut, Total Mileage: 16.7
  • Trailhead: Peter Estin Hut, Elevation: 11,200' Route: Trail 1873, F.S. road 415, F.S. road 418 to the hut, Total Mileage: 13.5

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