Made possible by 10th Mountain’s commitment to quality & sustainability… Base of Operations is critically important to keeping the huts in good shape and available far into the future.  CAPITAL CAMPAIGN—COMPLETED SUCCESSFULLY! Base of Operations


Benefits to the Community ﷯ Leadville/Lake County is a remarkable, strong and thriving community that has identified several key goals to ensuring its long term overall health and sustainability. 10th Mountain remains committed to this community and this permanent Base of Operations better allows 10th Mountain to help meet these goals, such as: Job Growth and Preservation | 10th Mountain is an existing business in Leadville/Lake County that has purchased local goods/services and paid local wages for almost thirty years. This Base of Operations helps preserve these jobs, purchasing powers, and contributions to the local tax base. In addition, this facility will support additional jobs and additional purchases given growth of the hut System. Economic Diversity | One goal of the community is to add diverse businesses to minimize the area’s reliance on extractive industries. 10th Mountain is a business with proven sustainability in economic, environmental, and cultural terms, and the Base of Operations ensures that 10th Mountain continues to offer a first-rate backcountry hut experience and add to the community’s economic resiliency. Affordable Housing | As often occurs in beautiful mountain towns, affordable housing is becoming increasingly scarce. The Base of Operations includes affordable short term housing for 10th Mountain employees in its main building. The main building is designed to accommodate possible future needs including additional housing and, if necessary, the lot is large enough to construct more housing. Community Strength | Another goal is to create a stronger, more cohesive community and 10th Mountain is partnering with community youth-oriented organizations to augment K-12 programming including overnight camping at this facility, hut visits, and volunteer work opportunities. 10th Mountain believes this will facilitate efforts to provide opportunities connecting youth to the outdoors, to their peers, and to their community.

Leadville, Colorado

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1280 Ute Avenue | Suite 21

Aspen, Colorado 81611