Made possible by 10th Mountain’s commitment to quality & sustainability… Base of Operations is critically important to keeping the huts in good shape and available far into the future.





﷯Base of Operations in Leadville 10th Mountain Division Hut Association serves thousands of hut users each year. Skiers, hikers, snowshoers, horseback riders and mountain bikers come from around the world, summer and winter, to discover adventure in the mountains. Values | The 10th Mountain huts are beautifully crafted and nestled in the National Forest, many adjacent to wilderness. The pressing demands of modern life are muted when sharing the trails and huts with friends, new and old. The harmony of nature brings peace and quiet to the soul and inspires an ethic of stewardship. Growth | 10th Mountain Hut System has grown dramatically since it was founded in Aspen 35 years ago. Beginning with one artfully-built log cabin in 1982, it has expanded into a network of 34 picturesque huts that accommodated over 63,000 annual user nights last year. Future | Anticipating the continued success of its already popular hut system, and acknowledging population growth in Colorado, 10th Mountain is planning for the future. A top priority is funding and building a Base of Operations in Leadville, which is centrally located within the hut system on a donated 4.2-acre parcel. This facility answers critical infrastructure needs. Needs | The $550,000 project is to be an efficient, esthetic work and meeting place with garages for service vehicles, a staging area for processing 80 cords of firewood each year, and comfortable meeting rooms for coordinating, training and mobilizing our one-hundred annual volunteers. The new base will also support capital improvements on the huts, provide temporary residences for interns, and facilitate regular hut checks. In sum, the new base will provide a pleasing, productive work space for the talented, long term 10th Mountain staff that gives the hut system its unparalleled quality. Community | A Base of Operations in Leadville emphasizes the social capital 10th Mountain provides local communities through economic sustainability. This is in line with goals of Lake County, which is working to establish a recreation-based economy to offset the economic uncertainties of its traditional mining economy. Communities enhanced by 10th Mountain include Vail, Eagle, Breckenridge, Fairplay, Redcliff, Minturn, Crested Butte, Basalt, Aspen and Leadville. ﷯ Lifestyle | 10th Mountain introduces thousands of visitors each year to the mystique of mountain living, an experience that touches many through a simplified lifestyle and the physical challenge found in rugged natural beauty. Vision | A permanent Base of Operations in Leadville will ensure that 10th Mountain can offer these values with a professional level of service for decades to come.

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