Made possible by 10th Mountain’s commitment to quality & sustainability… Base of Operations is critically important to keeping the huts in good shape and available far into the future.  CAPITAL CAMPAIGN—COMPLETED SUCCESSFULLY! Base of Operations


The New Base of Operations﷯ Thank you! We are delighted to share the good news that we have successfully raised all funds necessary to construct the permanent Base of Operations in Leadville. We are amazed and grateful for everyone’s quick and generous response. Backstory: Several years ago, 10th Mountain identified a need to develop a permanent Base of Operations in Leadville. Following a generous donation of four acres of land, 10th Mountain developed plans for the facility and in October 2016 initiated its capital campaign to raise the necessary funds. 10th Mountain’s Funding Committee set the ambitious campaign goal of $635,000 and proceeded to seek help from the community. 275 donors responded to the appeal and it only took until May 2017 to complete the campaign. Quite remarkable. 10th Mountain’s Base of Operations will help ensure that the backcountry hut experience continues to be first-rate, relevant, and available far into the future. It is an important project and 10th Mountain is fortunate indeed to have the support, resources, and capabilities to get it done. This is made possible only by the generous support of many people and organizations, and we are grateful. We expect to break ground in late May and substantially complete construction in October. If you are interested in monitoring progress, construction updates will be regularly posted here. Sincerely, ﷯ Ben Dodge | EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR

Architectual rendering of the main building

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1280 Ute Avenue | Suite 21

Aspen, Colorado 81611