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The purpose of the 10th Mountain Division Hut Association is to plan, finance, build and manage, for public use, a mountain hut system that promotes understanding and appreciation of the natural mountain environment while developing individual self-reliance.


10th Mountain Division Hut Association

 is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization qualified to receive tax deductible contributions.












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"Kids are capable of far more challenge and endurance than you think;

 Start easy, invite friends

 Expect the unexpected and have more fun than you thought possible

 Establish a tradition before later-childhood birthday party and extracurricular activities crowd out your free weekends

 Show your kids what mom and dad can be like when they can break free from home and work

 Pass along your love and stewardship of the Colorado high country and the

10th Mountain Division Hut System."


 —Alex North

“The Mountains are Calling”

10th Mountain  Newsletter

Winter 2015

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Make a Gift


Thank you for considering a gift to 10th Mountain! Tax-deductible gifts such as these support 10th Mountain’s mission to provide warm, comfortable shelter in amazing huts at affordable rates.


Your gift makes a difference:


$35 | Allows one student to visit a hut for two nights under 10th Mountain’s Backcountry Exploration Program, a program designed to facilitate use of the huts by special use groups at reduced rates. 10th Mountain annually provides over $28,000 in fee reductions and waivers to special use groups including school, civic groups, and other similar non-profit organizations.


$50 | Pays for a year’s supply of hand sanitizer at one hut.


$100 | Pays for a portion of the cost for 10th Mountain staff to travel to a hut to ensure the hut is in good condition. Every hut is visited by 10th Mountain field staff every 7-10 days to conduct a thorough inspection of the hut including health and safety systems, restocking of supplies, and minor repairs if necessary.


$250 | Provides propane at one hut for one year.


$500 | Provides solar power at one hut for one year.


$1,000 | Allows a group of U.S. Veterans and active-duty service members to visit a hut for two nights at no cost under the Huts for Vets program which uses the huts and surrounding wilderness to enhance mental, physical, spiritual and emotional health. HutsforVets.org


$2,000 | Provides firewood at one hut for one year.


Matching Gifts | Many employers generously match or multiply the gifts of employees, spouses, or retirees. Please request a matching gift form from your personnel office, fill it out, and send it to 10th Mountain. It's an easy way to bring your gift to the next level!


Please note that 10th Mountain does not track these gifts from donation to a specific use and descriptions are included to provide a sense of how your gift will be applied.