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The purpose of the 10th Mountain Division Hut Association is to plan, finance, build and manage, for public use, a mountain hut system that promotes understanding and appreciation of the natural mountain environment while developing individual self-reliance.


10th Mountain Division Hut Association

 is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization qualified to receive tax deductible contributions.












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Other Gift Opportunities


10th Mountain offers special recognition for leadership gifts larger than $5,000. Leadership gifts further 10th Mountain’s mission by addressing specific and substantial needs as directed by the donor. Interested individuals are urged to contact 10th Mountain by email at donate@huts.org or by calling Ben Dodge, Executive Director at 970-925-4554.


Individual Gifts $5,000+

10th Mountain occasionally raises funds for special needs at the huts, maintenance facilities, and surrounding landscapes. Examples include scheduled capital repairs, forest management projects, restoration of disturbed areas, and improvements to access roads and trails. Gifts may include cash, stock, real property, and in-kind gifts. It is the policy of 10th Mountain to sell all stock gifts upon receipt.


Endowment Donor

Gifts to the 10th Mountain Division Endowment Fund are invested for the long term benefit of the organization, while providing support for capital expenses and keeping the huts in good shape and affordable. Donors may establish a named endowment beginning with an investment of $100,000.


Naming a Hut

The opportunity to name a hut is a rare but extraordinary opportunity to honor an individual or family. Construction of a new hut in Colorado’s remote backcountry is expensive, given the remote and extreme conditions. The cost to construct a hut is expected to be approximately $1 million including soft and hard costs and suitable endowment.


Capital Improvements Donor

In addition to the huts, 10th Mountain periodically raises funds for special capital needs, e.g. improvements to the Aspen headquarters or employee housing or the new Leadville base of operations. Naming opportunities are available for these projects.



In this day and age of increasing human populations, concentrated wealth, gated communities, private clubs and privileges, it is more than slightly astounding that we can maintain public ownership of vast tracts of beautiful, inspiring landscapes.


It should make each and every one of us feel proud and wonderfully wealthy.


The American West would not be the same without our public lands, and we ignore this truism at our peril.




Alfred A, Braun Hut System