Alfred A. Braun and Friends Huts

last week 4/19/2018 Through 4/25/2018 next week

Numbers indicate spaces (beds) available,
"none" means the hut is closed or totally booked.

Barnard Hut8nonenone8888
Goodwin-Greene Hut10nonenone10101010
Markley Hutnonenonenone888none
Lindley Hut14nonenone14141414
Tagert Hutnonenonenonenonenonenonenone
Green-Wilson Hutnonenonenonenone888
Opa's Taylor Hut8nonenonenonenonenonenone
Friends Hut8none6nonenone88

10th Mountain Division and Summit Huts Associations, Alfred A. Braun Hut System, and Friends Hut operate under special use permits from the US Forest Service, and are equal opportunity service providers.