Thanksgiving weekend Hut trip looking for participants

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Thanksgiving weekend Hut trip looking for participants

Post by wjblazek » Wed Oct 19, 2022 12:13 pm

We are planning the following Thanksgiving weekend hut-hut-hut trip, 11/24-27/2022, to
- Janet's Cabin
- Chuck's Down and Walter's down and
- Fowler/Hilliard Hut
and are looking for a few more participants.
Limit 16 total.

If you are interested, please PM me.
Snowshoers and skiers welcome.
See for more details on the huts and routes.
Excellent conditioning and winter backcountry skills required!

Tentative Itinerary, subject to change
Drive out to TH at either Copper Mtn or Vail Pass. TBD.
Several drivers will then shuttle cars as needed to the exit TH at Pando/Camp Hale, near Tennessee Pass.
Snowshoe/ski to Janet Cabin, ~5.5 mi from either TH and 1400'-1800' gain.

Snowshoe/ski to Chuck's and Walter's Huts at Shrine Pass, ~7.5 mi, ~1300' loss, 700' gain.
We have both Chuck's and Walters Down Huts.
Each sleeps 6 people.

Snowshoe/ski to Fowler/Hilliard hut over Shrine Mtn and Wearyman Creek drainage, ~7 mi, 1000' gain.
This will be the hardest and longest day.
Ryan and I have done this route before in winter and
are comfortable with the route finding.
We also have GPS tracks from the previous trip.

Snowshoe/ski to the Pando TH at the North end of Camp Hale, North of Tennessee Pass,
~5 mi, 2500' loss.
Drive home with a dinner stop along the way.

We will car pool from the Wooly Mammouth lot at I70 and Morrison Exit.
Or meet at the TH.

Cost: Hut costs, ~$1950 / number of participants, 16 max. ~$175-$225/pp.
Plus gas and food.

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Re: Thanksgiving weekend Hut trip looking for participants

Post by mdowning » Fri Oct 21, 2022 10:09 am

Im busy that weekend but it looks so fun! Feel free to share to the facebook group Colorado Hut Trip Plans ... group_link

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