process for transferring hut reservation

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process for transferring hut reservation

Post by progers » Mon Apr 24, 2023 1:37 pm

Can you share best practices for transferring a hut reservation?

I am the original reservation holder,

the website says:

If you are exchanging hut space with other users, be advised of the following:

1. You must supply a copy of the confirmation letter as proof of reservation,
2. blank release waiver forms,
3. and trip information sheets to the buyer(s)

Keep a record of who acquired your spaces. Your name is on the confirmation letter. The original purchaser is responsible for informing the acquirer(s) about the principles and philosophies of 10th Mountain as outlined in the trip information sheets sent with the confirmation letter.

additional steps/sequence of events
1. what do I do with their completed release forms?
2. venmo for agreed upon amount?
3. deliver registration letter
4. notify 10th mtn hut division of change?

thank you, Patricia Rogers

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Re: process for transferring hut reservation

Post by rdmeemonarch52 » Tue Apr 25, 2023 9:44 am

I wish that there was a more structured or 'secure' method of transferring hut reservations. My interpretation is that the 10th Mtn. wants to have the original holder help make the new purchaser aware of all the responsibilities of the reservation, since the new purchaser doesn't necessarily read any of the important website information that a first reservation holder would usually see. The 10th Mtn website is ponderous, so I don't know how you can take responsibility for informing the new person of all the "principles and philosophies". The most important thing is to at least have the new purchaser provide you with a copy of their completed release waiver before you provide them with the confirmation letter that the 10th Mtn sends to you. But then the new purchaser is responsible for all the release forms for the rest of his party. As in any purchase, it's suggested that you do a bill of sale, which can be a simple informal signed agreement with specific details. That's to protect you as much as the purchaser, since these transactions can many times be in the thousands of dollars. I'll bet that most transfers are sold without any notice given to the 10th Mtn. office, but in my experience, on one of my trips, the original holder had my name put on a change to the confirmation letter. I'm not sure how he did that exactly, but I'd suggest that you contact the 10th Mtn. office and try to do that. Likewise, if you're purchasing someone else's reservation, try to get your name changed to a new confirmation letter in the transaction. I've never heard of any problems, scams or disputes that came from transferring reservations, but your imagination can come up with plenty. What if an original holder were to sell the confirmation letter to more than one person? The 10th Mtn. office might never know about it until the hut was overflowing with skiers on that night. Good luck, there are typically no problems how ever you handle it.

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