Need Basic Info About Hut to Hut hiking

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Need Basic Info About Hut to Hut hiking

Post by csmountain » Sun Aug 29, 2010 2:16 pm


I've never done a winter hut trip before. If you have a spare moment, can you please answer these basic questions?

-What's the approx. price per person at a hut per night (I know it must range but I'm looking ballpark)?
-Do most people snow shoe to the hut or ski?
-Does the trip require serious navigation or are there enough travelers to see a path in the snow?
-What should I expect at an average hut in terms of sleeping quarters, heat, stove availability, etc.?
-Any tips on gear that might not be obvious to a novice winter traveler?

Thanks so much for your time!


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Re: Need Basic Info About Hut to Hut hiking

Post by Jhenry » Thu Sep 09, 2010 6:04 pm


First, go to, click the reservations tab and read all four sections. Then open the "Huts and Routes" tab and read about the huts you think might like.
Snowshoes are ok. If you use skis, you will need to have climbing skins.
Depending on the hut; heavy, metal edged cross country skis, telemark or alpine touring skis will work.
Skis with downhill bindings don't work.

As far as navagation goes, you should have the correct topo for the hut, a compass and/or gps unit. Don't depend on the trail being easy to follow. It usually is but its easy to loose the trail in blizzard or poor light conditions. Getting lost in a blizzard could be fatal so you must be prepared. Try something easy like Vance's cabin for your first trip. The locals do day trips to Vance's cabin to eat lunch.

You must carry your own sleeping bag, personal gear and food. Stoves are at all the huts and some huts have ovens with the stove. Available cooking facilities are listed in the description for each hut in the "Huts and Route" tab. Fuel, pots, pans, silverware and tableware are furnished. If you want to bake or broil something, be sure the hut has a stove with an oven. Cooking on a wood stove is a trip.
Plan carefully and have fun!


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