10th Mtn to Uncle Bud gear advice

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10th Mtn to Uncle Bud gear advice

Post by RockyMountainMustang » Tue Nov 15, 2011 1:23 pm

Hey, I was wondering what type of ski gear to bring for a trip from 10th Mountain Division Hut to Uncle Buds Cabin (starting at the Crane Park TH). Would regular xc skis work or should I go more for a backcountry style. I've never used backcountry style before, but I suppose I'll figure it our trial-and-error. I've never done any hut to hut skiing before either, so if there is a good short 2-3 day trip for greenhorns that you would recommend over this, I'd love to hear it. I am avalanche level 1 and 2 certified so not too worried about that aspect, altho I'll be traveling alone, but I admit I don't have much skiing experience. Thanks for any help!

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Re: 10th Mtn to Uncle Bud gear advice

Post by sbeegun » Wed Nov 16, 2011 11:58 am

I would recommend backcountry gear, it will be a studier for the downhill sections. Also its a long day with challenging route finding to be had. Its the first traverse i ever did myself and i can say i was a hard trip. Years later i would go back and do it again on my own. I would say with your skiing experience I would choose something else to do first. That will allow you to get more days on skis and hone your navigation skills. There are some good threads on huts to do, just below your post. A simple one would be shrine to fowler. Also Polar star to Estin would be good, the navigation is straight forward, although coming out of Estin can be a challenge depending on snow conditions.

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