Wood burning oven, any advice???

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Wood burning oven, any advice???

Post by mtblucas » Wed Jan 23, 2013 12:17 pm

My girlfriend and I finally got out on our first hut trip! We went to Jackal and the climb was absolutely worth the end results! Wow, it's really nice up there. We had some issues with the pesky oven however. Anyone have any tips on how to use that thing? We tried to make some sugar cookies after dinner and then biscuits and gravy in the morning. Never could get the wood lit in the stove. We tried and tried but ended up having to improvise an oven by stacking a pot on top of another pot over the propane stove. We were fairly successful with this method but would have rather gotten that darn stove lit and working. Oven or no oven, it was an awesome experience. Thanks for any advice!!

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Re: Wood burning oven, any advice???

Post by cmann » Fri Jan 25, 2013 8:19 pm

You need to make sure the flue and all the knobs are adjusted wide open, and even leave the little door where you put the wood in cracked a bit when you first light it. It needs plenty of air to get going. Also make sure you are using the small kindling to get it going. You want to get that sucker roaring at first to get it drawing.
Once the stove is good and hot and has plenty of coals (maybe 45 minutes to an hour after lighting), then you need to close down the knobs (maybe leave them open just a tad to give it air) and shut the wood compartment door. There's a lever that you need to slide one way of the other that allows the hot air to circulate over and around the top of the oven. If you don't open that lever then the oven will never get very hot.
Each oven is a little bit different, and it's kind of a trial and error thing. Once you figure it out, it works great.

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