ISO 2-3 nights at Broome Hut for Dec/Jan

If you are exchanging hut space with other users, be advised of the following: You must supply a copy of the confirmation letter as proof of reservation, blank release waiver forms, and trip information sheets to the buyer(s). Keep a record of who acquired your spaces. Your name is on the confirmation letter. The original purchaser is responsible for informing the acquirer(s) about the principles and philosophies of 10th Mountain as outlined in the trip information sheets sent with the confirmation letter.
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ISO 2-3 nights at Broome Hut for Dec/Jan

Post by cjoy33 » Tue Oct 05, 2021 5:06 pm

Looking for 2-3 nights at the Broome Hut in December or January...hoping to book it out entirely. Wife is due in April and we are looking for something to book out with friends/family that is relatively easy access and has both safe skiing/snowshoeing options for everyone. Hoping for a weekend but am open to taking a monday or Friday off as well. Call or text @ (303) 907-6437.

Thank you!

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Re: ISO 2-3 nights at Broome Hut for Dec/Jan

Post by sdonaton » Sun Oct 17, 2021 5:39 pm

HI there. I know you are looking for Dec/ Jan but I have the entire Broome Hut for Sun Nov 21-Wed Nov 24th. Just thought I would reach out if you wanted something a week or two earlier.

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