beta on route to Opa's

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beta on route to Opa's

Post by the14erclimber » Tue Feb 13, 2018 8:07 pm

Hello there,
Hoping to go to Opa's Taylor hut in two weeks. I am looking for beta on the route- I've seen suggestions of going up the express creek valley bottom from Markley hut and am wondering if that route has been used recently.

Hoping to avoid going up Express Creek Road as I know there are several known avis that cross that road, which may or may not be avoided by traveling along the creek. I hiked the route this summer and know there is a bit of a drop from the road to start into Little Italian Basin and hoping to avoid that. How is the snow depth for traveling along the creek? How brushy/willowy? Will be following CAIC and weather to assess risk and go/no go decision.

Thanks for any info!

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