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11/23/21 Shrine Mountain Inn Rate Increase
Effective 11/23/21 the Continental Divide Cabin and the Point Breeze Cabin their rates for all future reservations, Summer and Winter:

08/30/21 Shrine Mountain Inn Rate Increase
Effective 8/31/21 the Shrine Mountain Inn Cabins will be raising their rates for all future reservations, Summer and Winter:

The Shrine Mountain Inn Cabins have also changed some of their policies for weddings and special events as well. You can find more information here, Shrine Mountain Inn Special Events Information.

08/09/21 Summer 2022 Reservation Changes
Summer 2022 Hut Reservations Open Wednesday September 1, 2021 at 8:00 am: Online at or by calling 970-925-5775.After much consideration, our plan to return to multiple party reservations has been postponed. Due to continued uncertainties about COVID 19, Summer 2022 reservations will be for single party, whole hut bookings only – ensuring a safe and enjoyable trip for all.

At the following huts you must pay for all of the spaces in order to make a reservation:

At the following huts you must pay for 12* spaces to make a reservation, and are given the option to pay for additional guests up to the hut’s maximum capacity. The option to add guests is exclusive to your party – 10th Mountain will not book additional guests on the dates of your stay: *If one of these huts is vacant one week in advance, the minimum to reserve drops from 12 to 8 spaces.

Francie’s Cabin will be closed for remodeling during Summer 2022. Visit Rates, Dates & Capacities for additional details.

08/02/21 Summer 2021 Fire Restrictions
Outdoor fires in our fire pits were previously restricted but are NOW ALLOWED. You may also use the indoor wood burning heat and cook stoves, and the propane burners in the kitchens. Please comply with our normal policy: no personal charcoal or gas grills inside or outside the huts, no fireworks of any kind, and no smoking inside the hut, on the decks, walkways, or inside any of the outhouses. Indoor wood burning heat and cook stoves may be used, as well as the propane burners in the kitchen. The gas grills at the Polar Star Inn, Seipel Hut, Shrine Mtn Inn Cabins and the Continental Divide and Point Breeze Cabins are open for use. The saunas at the Shrine Mtn Inn Cabins, Janet's Cabin and Francie's Cabin are open for use. The sauna at the Polar Star Inn and Seipel Hut is closed. These restrictions are in effect until further notice. Thank you for your cooperation!

Changes to 10th Mountain Division License Plate

The New 10th Mountain Divison License Plates
The 10th Mountain Specialty License Plates are issued by the State of Colorado on behalf of the 10th Mountain Division Foundation, a veterans organization that promotes the history and legacy of the 10th Mountain Division. This program helps further the mission of the Foundation and –to a lesser degree –benefit other 10th Mountain-related causes, including the 10th Mountain Division Hut Association which can typically receive about 20% of the new program’s contributions.

People who currently do not have 10th Mountain plates – and want them – are required to make a minimum $45 contribution to the Foundation. This a one-time fee for each vehicle and is not required for renewals. The State of Colorado charges an additional $50 which goes to the State as it does with all specialty plates, and normal vehicle registration fees still apply.

If you are a current 10th Mountain plate holder or are interested in purchasing 10th Mountain plates, please visit the Foundation’s website for an excellent explanation of the program as well as necessary forms for replacement or purchase of plates

10th Mountain Division Foundation Website