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2/15/23 Shrine Mountain Inn Rate Increase Effective Immediately
The Shrine Mountain Inn Cabins have raised their rates effective immediately. All rates are through Winter 2023-2024 and are listed below.

2/1/23 The New High Lonesome Hut!!
10th Mountain is delighted to announce that the High Lonesome Hut is the latest addition to the 10th Mountain Division System. Reservations will be accepted online ( or by phone at (970) 925-5775 beginning Monday, February 6th at 8am. Guests can reserve nights from February 7th through August 30th, 2023. Booking online is usually faster, as phone lines will be extremely busy. Availability is somewhat limited because the owner accepted reservations before formal inclusion in the 10th Mountain System. Reservations for next winter will be available for members via a High Lonesome Hut-only lottery in May – stay tuned. High Lonesome has running/potable water, solar lights, a flush toilet and hot shower. The High Lonesome sleeps twelve people and whole-hut reservations are required, $600/night.

12/21/22 Margy's Hut Winter Parking Changes
There is no onger any designated exclusive 10th Mountain hut visitor parking at the Lenado Trailhead. Public parking for a few vehicles (including hut visitors) is available on the left side of the road before the bridge and snowplow turnaround. Parking illegally may result in your vehicle being towed, booted or ticketed. If you prefer ample, hassle free parking, consider using the Norrie Trailhead located in the upper Frying Pan above Basalt. If you are travelling via Glenwood Springs and Carbondale, the drive time is a few minutes longer to the Norrie Trailhead than Lenado but the road to Norrie is paved, wider, and plowed more frequently. Note that the route from Norrie to Margy's is about 1.3 miles longer than the Lenado approach and goes through primitive wilderness which is marked by tree blazed only. Bring a map, compass and GPS device. Please print copies of this confirmation letter and place it in a visible location on the dash of all vehicles. For detailed directions to both trailheads visit: Hut Trailheads and Parking Directions.

9/30/22 Summer 2023 East Brush Creek Road closure affecting Polar Star Inn and Peter Estin hut users
The Forest Service will be replacing a failing culvert located on East Brush Creek Road (NFSR 415.1) at approximately mile marker 3.0. East Brush Creek Road (NSFR 415.1) will be closed to all traffic from MP 2.5 to 4.1 from August 1 to September 1, 2023. The closure will require an alternate route to access the private land of Fulford, other private lands above Fulford, Yeoman and Fulford Campgrounds, the Peter Estin hut, the Polar Star Inn, the Seipel Hut and the surrounding recreational trail accesses in those areas. The recommended alternative route is to use the Eagle Thomasville Road (NSFR 400.1) and Hat Creek Road (NSFR 416.1). You can find more information here, East Brush Creek Road Closure Info.

Changes to 10th Mountain Division License Plate

The New 10th Mountain Divison License Plates
The 10th Mountain Specialty License Plates are issued by the State of Colorado on behalf of the 10th Mountain Division Foundation, a veterans organization that promotes the history and legacy of the 10th Mountain Division. This program helps further the mission of the Foundation and –to a lesser degree –benefit other 10th Mountain-related causes, including the 10th Mountain Division Hut Association which can typically receive about 20% of the new program’s contributions.

People who currently do not have 10th Mountain plates – and want them – are required to make a minimum $45 contribution to the Foundation. This a one-time fee for each vehicle and is not required for renewals. The State of Colorado charges an additional $50 which goes to the State as it does with all specialty plates, and normal vehicle registration fees still apply.

If you are a current 10th Mountain plate holder or are interested in purchasing 10th Mountain plates, please visit the Foundation’s website for an excellent explanation of the program as well as necessary forms for replacement or purchase of plates

10th Mountain Division Foundation Website