The Benedict 100 Hut to Hut Ski Trip

Skiing out of Aspen in the shadow of the Elk Range ©Cameron Martindell

The 10th Mountain Division Hut Association in conjunction with Paragon Guides is offering the 2019 Benedict 100 from January 27th through February 1st, 2019. This is an extraordinary opportunity to ski-tour from Aspen to Vail on a guided and supported six-day adventure that will cover over 80 miles of mixed terrain with accumulated ascents approaching 17,000 vertical feet for the journey.

The Benedict 100 is a very strenuous trip. It not only requires a strong training base, physical endurance, and good backcountry ski experience, but also demands mental focus and determination. All this to cover nearly 100 miles on skis, in six long days,in potentially cold temperatures, and while on remote trails in varying snow

Participants will be guided by experienced backcountry ski guides to Margy’s Hut, Betty Bear Hut, Uncle Bud’s Hut, Jackal Hut, and finally to the warmth of the Shrine Mountain Inn. Hosts will provide simple support in the huts with drinks and a hot meal on arrival and breakfast before departure each day.

Hut hosts prepare the hut for your arrival each night ©Cameron Martindell

The physical and mental challenges of the Benedict 100 are off-set by the camaraderie that is shared in the group and the personal satisfaction and accomplishment of moving through the Central Rocky Mountains. Always in mind can be the history and memories of the ski troops of the 10th Mountain Division.

Reservations and Additional Information: Paragon Guides 970-926-5299

Benedict 100 History

Climbing up and over Searle pass ©Cameron Martindell

The inaugural Benedict 100 Tour allowed skiers commemorating the return of the world championships to travel from Aspen to Vail by way of the 10th Mountain Division Huts.

The inaugural Benedict 100, completed in 1989, commemorated the return of the FIS Alpine World Championships to Vail, Colorado and also celebrated skiing from Aspen to Vail using 10th Mountain’s huts. Backcountry skiers – some legendary, some not, and all extremely fit and determined – relayed a special flag that had been made to honor the link between the 1950 and 1989 FIS Alpine World Championships all the way from the top of Aspen Mountain to Beaver Creek. Skiers stayed at or passed five huts - McNamara, Margy’s, Gates, Estin and the Polar Star Inn. Since this inaugural tour, the route has been altered with the completion of additional huts on the eastern side of the hut system, and the Benedict 100 now connects Aspen and Vail and integrates nine huts. The Benedict 100, now a time-honored tradition, also honors Fritz Benedict (WWII 10th Mountain soldier and Aspen architect) and his vision of building huts to connect Aspen with Vail and beyond.

10th Mountain now partners with Paragon Guides and Aspen Alpine Guides who organize and guide the tour on alternating years. Paragon Guides is proud to be a part of this legacy for the 2019 season

Benedict 100 Route