Hut Rates, Dates of Operation and Capacities


Most huts are booked on a per-person basis, with the exception of Fabi's Hut, Ken's Cabin, The Seipel Hut( formerly Carl's Cabin), Chuck's Upstairs, Walter's Upstairs, and the Braun Huts, which are only booked for one group at a time. All prices shown are per night prices. Tax varies depending on what county a hut is located in and is not included in the prices listed on this site. The appropriate tax will be applied at the time you make your reservation. Prices shown are for individuals 13 years of age or older. Children 12 years of age or younger at the time of the trip are eligible for a 1/2 price rate (except at the Continental Divide Cabin, the Point Breeze Cabin, the Sisters Cabin and the Braun Huts). Please indicate the number of children when you make your reservation - refunds for this children's discount are not available after the reservation has been made. A space must be reserved for all children going on a trip, regardless of age, even if they are infants and will be sharing a bed with an adult.

hut interior
Typical Hut Interior

Huts Owned by 10th Mountain:

Fritz Benedict Hut and Fabi Benedict Hut, McNamara, Margy's, Harry Gates, Peter Estin, Fowler/Hilliard*, Jackal*, Sangree M. Froelicher, 10th Mountain, Uncle Bud's, Skinner, Betty Bear, and Eiseman huts: $33/person/night

Other Huts Booked Through 10th Mountain

* Indicates a hut in the Vail Pass region that is subject to additional U.S. Forest Service winter use fees. Reservations made for trips to these huts from November through the end of April (exact dates vary) will be charged the fee at the time of reservation. Fees for hut users are $10 per adult per night. There is no fee for children 15 and under. For more information on the fee program, please see the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section of this site (see menu on the right).

Payment and Cancellation Policy

Regular Cancellation Policy:

Full payment by Visa, MasterCard or American Express is due at the time of reservation (including trips reserved through the lottery). After booking your trip, you will receive a packet in the mail that includes a confirmation letter detailing your itinerary. It is your responsibility to review this information upon receipt. If there appears to be an error in your itinerary, call 10th Mountain immediately. Be aware that any changes or cancellations require a 30 day advance notice for an 80% hut credit applicable towards a future hut trip. This credit is not transferable between huts in the 10th Mountain system, Braun Huts, and Friends hut. Cancellations made less than 30 days prior to your trip start date will result in forfeiture of your payment. No credit is available within 30 days of a trip start date. No refunds.

Special Avalanche Cancellation Policy for the Braun Huts and Friends Hut:

Because the Alfred A. Braun Huts and Friends Hut are located in areas of known avalanche terrain with recurring avalanche cycles, an additional opportunity to cancel due to avalanche danger exists in these huts. Groups with reservations in these huts may cancel on the scheduled day of their trip (or the next business day), if the avalanche danger is higher than what their group feels comfortable with. These groups will be given a full hut credit for a future hut trip. This credit is not transferable between huts in the Braun system, the Friends Hut, and huts in the 10th Mountain system. No refunds will be given at any time, for any reason.

Dates of Operation


Most huts in the 10th Mountain system are open from Thanksgiving through April 30. Janet's Cabin, Francie's Cabin, Section House, and Ken's Cabin usually remain open for the first week in May. The Shrine Mountain Inn and the Broome Hut are open all year. The Braun Huts and the Friends Hut are open through May 30.


Most of the 10th Mountain Division Huts are open for summer use from July 1 until September 30. The McNamara Hut, the Benedict Huts, the Sisters Cabin, the Section House and Ken's Cabin are not open in the summer. The Continental Divide Cabin is open June 1st through Thanksgiving. The Shrine Mountain Inn is open year round. The Braun Huts and the Friends Hut are closed in the summer.

Spring and Fall:

Most huts reserved through 10th Mountain are closed in the spring (May and June) and fall (October and most of November). Only Shrine Mountain Inn and the Broome Hut are open year round, making them available for booking during both spring and fall. Additionally, The Continental Divide Cabin and Vance's Cabin are open in the fall, however, they are both closed in the spring. Some other huts and hut systems are open in these seasons. Please see the Huts Not Booked by 10th section of this site for information on many of these other huts.

Hut Capacities

Most huts are booked on a per person basis, with the exception of Fabi's Hut, Ken's Cabin, The Seipel Hut, Chuck's Upstairs, Walter's Upstairs, the Continental Divide Cabin and the Braun Huts, which are only booked for one group at a time. Huts are booked to capacity, so if you are renting less than the full capacity of a hut, plan on sharing and making new friends. Please be respectful and courteous to your fellow hut users and obey the posted quiet hours. If your hut trip plans include late nights and loud partying we ask that you consider booking the whole hut for your group, that way you can enjoy the hut however you'd like. Sleeping arrangements are to be worked out by hut users upon arrival at the hut. Hut arrival/departure time is 1:00 p.m. Reservations are not taken for specific rooms/beds, and all hut facilities such as cooking and living areas are shared.

hut sleeping platforms
Bring your own sleeping bag

All 10th Mountain owned huts, plus a few privately owned huts, sleep 16 people: McNamara, Margy's, Harry Gates, Peter Estin, Fowler/Hilliard, Jackal, 10th Mountain, Uncle Bud's, Skinner, Betty Bear, Eiseman, Sangree M. Froelicher, and Vance's; Benedict sleeps a total of 16 with 10 at Fritz's and 6 at Fabi's

Other hut capacities are as follows:

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