Reservations Lottery

Winter reservations for huts in the 10th Mountain system begin in the spring each year, through a lottery followed by an early call-in and online booking period. 10th Mountain, Summit Huts Association and Grand Huts Association members are welcome to participate in this early booking system. This process is an attempt to fairly allocate the limited winter hut space available in the huts each year. If you are not a member or need to renew your membership you can purchase/renew your membership during the lottery form submission process. You can follow the links below to fill out an online lottery form or print out a paper one. Paper forms can be mailed to 1280 Ute Ave, Suite 21 Aspen CO, 81611 and must be postmarked no later than February 15th, 2022. You can fax your form to 970-925-5317.

Important Lottery Information - Please Read

We have changed our online lottery system to help us more effectively manage the ever-increasing number of participants. Most of the changes are on the backend and won’t affect your user experience. But there are a few changes that will and we've outlined them below. We have also come up with this guide to help you through the online lottery process, Online Lottery Guide.

  1. We will be checking your membership status as part of the Lottery submission process. This requires that we send a confirmation email with a code to the email address you provide (ideally the same one we already have on file for you). Only one email can go to each address and whoever is submitting the form will need access to the email account so they can get the code and proceed with the lottery process. So groups that in the past had one point-person give their email address on every form will no longer be able to do that for online submissions.
  2. Unfortunately we will no longer be able to accept file attachments for your lottery choices. The textbox for your lottery choices accepts both Word and Excel formatting so you can copy and paste from either program and retain all the formatting, and there is no limit to how much you can fit in the textbox. You can also fax or mail your choices in as well if that is more convenient.

Due to continued uncertainty surrounding COVID all Winter 2022-2023 reservations will be single-party, whole-hut reservations.

You do not need to purchase or renew your membership prior to submitting your lottery form. If you are not a member or need to renew your membership you can purchase/renew your membership during the lottery form submission process.

The 2022-2023 Lottery is now closed.

Post Lottery booking for members will begin at 8am, Friday April 1st. Updated availability will be posted Tuesday, March 29th at 4pm, here Hut Availability Calendar.

Important Lottery Dates:

Skiers atop Mt. Yeckel

Other Important Reservation Dates:

How does the lottery work? In late-December or early-January each year, the online and the PDF version of our lottery form will be available on our website. Members complete these forms by listing an unlimited number of options for trips that they would be interested in taking during the next winter. Every member is welcome to submit one lottery entry to receive up to one itinerary (this can be for a multiple night trip, to more than one hut, and/or for multiple people). Forms must be completed and returned to 10th Mountain by February 15th, 2022.

Starting on the 1st business day of March, 10th Mountain begins drawing entry forms. We draw each and every form and read through each member's choices, working in order of their preference to try and book a trip. If one of the member's choices is available, we book that trip, charge their credit card for the trip cost, and email the hut trip confirmation letter. Each year we receive more than 2,000 entries and about 85% of entrants receive a trip.

After the lottery, members have the option to book more trips during an early call-in and online booking period starting at 8:00am the 1st business day of April. Regular 10th Mountain members, Individual & Family Summit Huts members and Individual Grand Huts members can book up to two more trips, and Leader & Lifetime 10th Mountain members can reserve an unlimited number of additional trips.

Non-members can begin reserving trips online or over the phone at 8:00am on the first business day of June.

Tips for getting a Lottery Trip

Lodging in and around the Roaring Fork Valley

The following lodges and hotels offer surprisingly affordable prices, many with full kitchens or kitchenettes. For a one night stay before or after your hut trip, it is a good idea to call the property to discuss pricing and availability, as some minimum night booking requirements may be waived depending on vacancies – and some online calendars may not show single night availability. Hut groups may also be able to book rooms that can accommodate as many as 4 to 6 guests – which greatly decreases the per person rate.

Reservations & Trip Planning