Hut Space Availability

** Attention Hut Users **

For all Summer 2021 and Winter 2021-2022 reservations, huts will be single-party only. A single-party refers to a family, or a group of friends and/or family that know each other. A single-party may be more than one household, as long as hut user responsibilities are met and Public Health Orders are observed. Capacities at many of our larger huts have been reduced and we also have new minimum booking requirements.

The links below take you to availability information for specific hut systems.

If you're interested in a last minute trip or can not find open dates you want, please visit our user forums and check hut spaces our forum users are selling.

10th Mountain Division Hut System, The Summit Huts Association & The Grand Huts Association

Alfred A. Braun Huts and Friends Hut

Warning: The Alfred A. Braun Huts and Friends Hut are located in areas of known avalanche terrain with recurring avalanche cycles. Routes are not marked or maintained.