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Betty Bear Hut Customers - Road 505 Plowing Schedule
Beginning today, March 30th, the Bureau of Reclamation has started plowing Forest Service Road 505. As they do every year, tehy will try and leave a strip of nsow along the road for skiers. But depending on snowfall and temperatures this strip can melt out quickly so be prepared.

They hope to have the road finished as early as Friday, March 31st. If the plowing is complete it may be possible to drive to the end of the road. But be aware that you cannot block the road and in the event of a significant snowfall the Bureau of Reclamation may not re-plow the road immediately and your vehicle could become stranded.

1/22/15 Changes to 10th Mountain Division License Plate

The New 10th Mountain Divison License Plates
The 10th Mountain Specialty License Plates are issued by the State of Colorado on behalf of the 10th Mountain Division Foundation, a veterans organization that promotes the history and legacy of the 10th Mountain Division. This program helps further the mission of the Foundation and –to a lesser degree –benefit other 10th Mountain-related causes, including the 10th Mountain Division Hut Association which can typically receive about 20% of the new program’s contributions.

People who currently do not have 10th Mountain plates – and want them – are required to make a minimum $45 contribution to the Foundation. This a one-time fee for each vehicle and is not required for renewals. The State of Colorado charges an additional $50 which goes to the State as it does with all specialty plates, and normal vehicle registration fees still apply.

If you are a current 10th Mountain plate holder or are interested in purchasing 10th Mountain plates, please visit the Foundation’s website for an excellent explanation of the program as well as necessary forms for replacement or purchase of plates

10th Mountain Division Foundation Website