The Braun and Friends Huts

The Alfred A Braun Hut System

The Alfred A. Braun Hut System is Colorado's first hut system and sits just south of Aspen in the beautiful Castle Creek Valley. The idea for a hut system in the Castle Creek Valley started with Stuart and Isabel Mace in the 1950's, who were living in Ashcroft at the time. They, with the help of volunteers, served as the huts stewards. The hut system is named after the late Fred Braun, hut manager for over twenty years and founder of Mountain Rescue Aspen. Without his many years of work and devotion, this hut system would not be possible.

The seven huts all sit near treeline in one of the most beautiful mountain ranges Colorado has to offer, the Elk Mountains. The system provides numerous hut-to-hut opportunities and spectacular skiing and ski mountaineering.

The Friends Hut

Friends Hut was built in memory of 10 people from Aspen and Crested Butte, CO, who perished when two small planes collided in 1980 near East Maroon Pass. Because passengers of the planes were from both towns, the hut was designed as a link between the communities of Aspen and Crested Butte. The hut sits just south of Pearl Pass and provides a link to the Braun Hut System for hut-to-hut tours and as a destination for skiers looking to tackle the tall peaks that surrond it.

Permitted by the U.S. Forest Service under the Gunnison National Forest, The Friends Hut, Inc. is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to providing a unique and truly remote backcountry experience to backcountry skiers.

For information on the history of the hut system visit our Hut History Page

Warning: The Alfred A. Braun Huts and Friends Hut are located in areas of known avalanche terrain with recurring avalanche cycles. Routes are not marked or maintained.

Braun and Friends Huts