The Peter Estin Hut

Built in 1985, Peter Estin Hut was the third publicly funded hut added to the 10th Mountain system. Funds were donated by the Estin family in memory of Peter Estin. If you have used other "standard" 10th Mountain Division Huts, the Peter Estin will look familiar. It stands two stories high with a commodious deck jutting from the front door. Plenty of glass faces the south views.

Layout and capacity: Peter Estin Hut is a three-level hut with five distinct sleeping areas. 2 private bedrooms upstairs with one double bed each, plus 8 beds in a communal sleeping area upstairs. Main level: seating cushions adjacent to heat stove and in corner can accommodate up to six people. Lower Level: One private bedrooms with four single mattresses. Capacity 16.

Hut Location: Peter Estin Hut is located in a clearing on a timbered saddle just northwest of Charles Peak (12,050 feet), with a clear view of the Elk and Williams mountains to the south. Centered in a vast forested area, the hut provides access to myriad trails, dirt roads, and one alpine ridge. [locator map]

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Dates Open: Summer: 1 July through 30 September. Winter: Thanksgiving through 30 April

Owned By: 10th Mountain Division Hut Association Oven: Woodburning Sauna: No

The most common route into the Peter Estin hut is via the Ironedge Trail which begins near Yeoman Park. The first part of the trail follows a snow covered road up to the Fulford Cave campground, which is closed during the winter. From there you follow the Ironedge trail as it climbs steeply up to the hut.

Winter Trail Access

In the summertime you can access the Peter Estin Hut by hiking up the Ironedge trail or by driving in from either Sylvan Lake or Yeoman Park to the designated parking area approximately 1/4 mile from the hut. You can also drive in from the Fryingpan River Road on FS 400 and FS 416 but be aware that FS 400 can be very slick and dangerous when wet so watch the weather if you are planning on using it to access the hut. Vehicle access is never guaranteed to any hut at any time.

There are numerous hiking options around the Peter Estin Hut. You can follow the trail along the ridge towards Charles Peak or drop down toward Mystic Island Lake. For a long day of hiking you can drop down from the top of Charles Peak towards Woods Lake as well.

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Summer Trail Access

  • Trailhead: Yeoman Park, Elevation: 9,060' Route: F.S. road 416 to the hut, Total Mileage: 7.6
  • Trailhead: Yeoman Park Elevation: 9,060' Route: F.S. road 415, F.S. Trail 1873 (Ironedge Trail) to the hut Total Mileage: 4.4
  • Trailhead: Sylvan Lake, Elevation: 8,558' Route: F.S. roads 400, F.S. road 416 to the hut, Total Mileage: 10.2
  • Trailhead: Harry Gates Hut, Elevation: 9,700 Route: F.S. road 400, F.S. road 416 to the hut, Total Mileage: 10.8
  • Trailhead: Polar Star Inn, Elevation: 11,040' Route: F.S. road 418, F.S. road 415, Trail 1873 to the hut, Total Mileage: 13.5
  • Trailhead: Polar Star Inn, Elevation: 11,040' Route: F.S. road 418, F.S. road 416 to the hut, Total Mileage: 16.7